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If you are a media representative, this page has been set-up with you in mind. All resources are free to download and use, with the single request that the materials be referenced back to Stephen Chong and this website (

If you are unable to find what you need or have a particular topic you’d like to cover, contact Stephen Chong via the
contact page or via phone on 0414 438 909.

Some topics of relevance to my specific interests:
◦ unlocking your real potential in life and at work
◦ life purpose – what’s it all about?
◦ overcoming stress in the workplace
◦ enhancing perspective and perception – how to enjoy your daily experiences
◦ creating a “to be” list instead of a “to do” list
◦ getting out of your “zone of comfort”

Media Backgrounders

• About Stephen Chong [PDF]

• About The Book of Testaments

Media Releases

• PCYC Opens Door to Local Business Leaders [PDF]

• Business Leaders Show Their Support For Cairns PCYC


• Q&A's - Interview Questions You Are Welcome to Use [PDF]

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Stephen Chong is available for book signing events, public speaking engagements, workshops, interviews and professional development/coaching activities. For further information, please contact Stephen direct.