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Stephen Chong - Author and Coach

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*New publication
Bodies of Consequence
A novel about life and life after death.

“Bodies of Consequence is a unique story about life after death as a consequence of life and its actions.”

Stephen Chong - Author

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The Power and the Possible
A Teenagers Traverse of the World

“The Power and the Possible is my attempt to help teenagers discover their inner hero.”

Stephen Chong - Author

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Letters Across Time
A Journey of Enlightenment

“In Letters Across Time there is a good chance that you will find what you are looking for.”

Chris Shaw - Author

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The Music of the Soul
A Pathway to a Rich and Fulfilling Life

"The Music of the Soul is not a book that you find…speaking from experience, it finds you"

- Wendy Ackland

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The Book of Testaments
A Practical Guide for Spiritual Realisation

"Every so often. a book comes along that I tell my friends they absolutely must read…"

- Elmarie Gebler

Printed copies are available from the Author and at:

Cairns Crystal Ball Bookstore

e-Book copies are available from many sources:

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Stephen Chong is available for book signing events, public speaking engagements, workshops, interviews and professional development/coaching activities. For further information, please contact Stephen direct.