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Letters Across Time

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This book is for you … full of wisdom and gentle grace … a pathway to a richer, more fulfilling life.

With the engaging story-telling ability of Millman and the irresistible dialogue of Walsch,
Letters Across Time bridges the gap between Psychology and Mind, Body & Spirit books … told through the lives of a family of ducks … innovative and inspiring.

If you enjoyed Bach's seagull, Jonathan, you'll love Alfred and his family of ducks.

Letters Across Time is an anthology of modern work and personal life that will open up deep insights into how to realize your fullest potential and achieve your life’s purpose.

Letters Across Time provides practical suggestions to enable you to improve the richness of your life, yet it allows you to find your own pathway. Through the use of an irresistible narrative story, the book empowers you to realize your own self-worth and apply that to your chosen vocation, family, community and workplaces in which you live and prosper.

From the Author:

Letters Across Time is unique combining three distinctive methodologies. Each of the nineteen chapters is comprised of three essential elements that inspire you to find the answers from within.

These are:

The Parables and Stories
It is through parables and stories that we experience our own level of understanding and personal motivation. Connect with each story’s significance from your own current perspective and point of reference.

The Narrative (A genealogy of ducks)
The narrative story (following on from the success of my second book – The Music of the Soul: A pathway to a rich and fulfilling life) continues as a rich tapestry of life’s achievements, pitfalls and challenges.

Practical (Everyday) Suggestions
In combination with the above are the practical ideas and suggestions to enable you to try new ways of doing things, new ways of thinking or acting. These practical ideas have had a profound impact on the many thousands of people I have assisted as a professional development coach over the past twenty-five years. They are supported by citations from a wide range of experts and notables.
Letters Across Time

By Stephen Chong, MEd

My Dearest Monique,

I am your great grandfather, Alfred. Like your father before you, I know of you through what you would call ‘the wisdom of the ages’. This wisdom has its foundation in love. Love has the ability to traverse the folds of time to reveal things that only love can declare.

While you are reading this letter, you should know that both your mother and father are here with me in heaven. You already know that both your parents are joyous, with unconditional love, and are proud of you beyond measure … and so am I. Already in your young life you have achieved many things, but your journey so far has been short. Much remains for you to accomplish in your lifetime.

All of the good books that have traversed the ages, with all of the wisdom they contain, have explained that there is only one God ─ He that is the all in all, and that all is love. Yet, I say to you, that as you come to realise this love, your pathway to experience who you really are is fraught with many challenges, pitfalls and regrets. Yet, none of these things should ever be considered a failure. In the eyes of God, you cannot fail – for pure love cannot abide such judgement. In truth, it is your true spirit that brings forth all of life’s experiences so that you may within this lifetime truly realise who you are and manifest the highest version of your greatest vision of yourself.

Therefore, I say to you that with all of your heart and all of your soul – be thankful. Be thankful for all the experiences that life brings your way. Do not give in to guilt, anger or regret. These limit your true potential within the precious moments of time that are available to you. The wise amongst you say that, you will never fly, if you are tied to the rocks of guilt, anger and regret.

Be grateful for all of your experiences. Give thanks to God for their manifestation and never, ever be afraid – but I know that you have already learned this lesson.

In the many challenging days to come, I urge you to commune with your God, thankful for the experiences that will come to your door. Seek counsel and the answer to your questions in the silence of your heart, for this is where your true self resides.

It was the Book of Mysteries from which this great adventure across time sprang and it will be the good book that ensures the closure of the story. Seek always to guard its treasures, for many will seek its power and majesty for their own limited self-interested – that is not the purpose of the Book of Mysteries. It is not a book for some, but for all who have eyes to read, ears to hear and a heart that is open to the grace within.

My dearest Monique, in all that you do, be steadfast and purposeful, but most of all know that love is the basis of all things that ever have been and ever will be. It is I, Alfred, your great grandfather, who wishes you love, but what I wish for, you already have.

Yours truly,


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