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The Music of the Soul

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At its very core The Music of the Soul is written and designed to encourage you to bring out your best and realise your fullest potential. Through the use of a compelling narrative story between a generation of ducks, an exhilarating array of stories, parables and practical, everyday techniques, it is an opportunity to realise your life’s fullest potential, overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

The Music of the Soul is a must-read book for those who aspire to a richer and more fulfilling life. It allows you to realise your own self-worth and sense of life purpose, irrespective of where you currently are on your life journey. It is designed to enable you to find your own pathway and move forward to amore satisfying and fulfilled life, whatever your individual circumstances.

“Chong, thank you for helping me to become more aware of what is going on around me, and enabling me to consider, and make more informed choices and decisions about, where I want to go in my life.”

Kevin White, Director - Whitesource

I found this work very compelling, very powerful in its message. The skills discussed are those that we can evolve over time – in our own pace and on our own path. In a world full of self-help books and get-rich-quick gurus, this is one work that will stand out above the rest.

Wendy O’Hanlan, Acres Australia

“Stephen Chong’s little gem of a book is a treasure trove of reflection and common sense – if you need a little help to gain some more positives out of life, then this is the book for you.”

John Morrow’s “Pick of the Week”

Book Review The Music of the Soul: A pathway to a rich and fulfilling life

By Stephen Chong, MEd

Reviewed by by Hazel Menehira FTCL

Stephen Chong has followed up on his popular inspirational and practical The Book of Testaments designed for individual growth, with a comprehensive volume that is a valuable tool for educators, counsellors and life coaches.

Drawing on a commendably wide range of sources and his expanded knowledge as a successful life coach tutor Chong uses the metaphor of a symphony for the journey which illuminates the soul, and provides rich by-products for a life of wellbeing.

Chong’s Music of The Soul gives a generous and robust series of 20 Sonata chapters each of which can be utilised by teachers for individual workshop sessions or as a continuous progressive path series.

In this latest work he has drawn together and interwoven four interesting strands-
◦ valuable sound references from outstanding writers from 1967 to contemporary web pages. Among these he draws on recent work from recognised authorities like T.D. Poland, M. Ricard and Dr. B. Cayoun.
◦ parables and stories to highlight the full dimension of each sonata for personal meaning and understanding. These have been carefully selected from various traditions and also include some of the author’s own work.
◦ a narrative of a family of ducks that outlines the challenges, actions and achievements of four generations as personified in their Pond of Life.
◦ the philosophy and sincere motivational input of Stephen Chong, which is rooted in his many years of successful professional development coaching for all ages. Included are practical tried and true solutions and exercises to assist both teachers and students. 
Because the beauty of the book lies in its variety of usage and application by educators, a brief overview of some of the sonatas may be of advantage.

Sonata No 1: Life will not be limited, deals with the value of asking creative rather than destructive questions about choices and includes simple graphics. The second sonata Accepting is much harder than giving, focuses on perspective of self and of others.

The duck family is introduced in Sonata No 3: First, learn to control yourself and the rest follows. The duck saga alone provides a base for workshops and will appeal especially to coaches working with younger students. Sonata No 7: Recontextualise your fears as adventures, which covers Jonathon Duck’s comfort zone restrictions, and Sonata No 10: If we make a mistake and learn something, it is no longer a mistake. If we remain stuck, we learn nothing, are fine examples of this. The latter sonata highlights the problems of the younger duck generation and youth can identify with much of this.

However, the sonatas can all be geared across all age groups or used individually to enhance specific aspects of life coaching. Sonata No 11: If We don’t do the things we love, we simply stop loving, contains universal wisdom and it is followed by No 12, which is vital inclusion on health and well being.

The importance of empathy with a bridge of openness In Sonata 13, and the advice given in Sonata 18: Life was never meant to be perfect, it was meant to be lived (experientally) which explores, wasting, spending and using time wisely are commendable chapters.

Chong himself states that “at its core the sonatas are designed to create the elements or individual building blocks to construct the magic of the symphony which is YOU in this life time.’’

Basically it is a book about the realisation of self worth and life purpose through a symphonic journey that should benefit many.

Book Review The Music of the Soul: A pathway to a rich and fulfilling life

By Stephen Chong, MEd

Reviewed by Letizia De Rosa

Through inspirational stories, creative questioning and gentleness Chong takes us on a deep, inner journey where reflection is uplifting and our future becomes limitless. Diagrams, a family of ducks, sonatas make The Music of the Soul unique and indicate a writer who thinks of his audience considering all learning styles and needs.

Mindful of magical moments, obstacles, choices, repression and inner power Chong challenges the reader with an invitation to consider brain function, cellular memory, thought patterns and the Zone. With Chong it is all an adventure from his writing style to his content rich work. The adventure is compelling. Well done - yet again Stephen.

Letizia C De Rosa - Founder/Director of Book Creators Circle and author of 5 books.

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