A Brother’s Love

It was a fine, sunny day and the master was enjoying the serenity of his walk amongst the garden of flowers and native bushes. As he gazed as he wandered, he noted that the variety of smells from the assorted flora were as an elixir for a tired soul, his appointed novice came up to him in supplication and distress.

"What ails you my son”, said the master.

"Master, over these past weeks I have been sorely distressed for the loss of my brother. As you know, he was killed in a tragic accident that none on this earth could have foreseen or prevented. Truly, I miss him so and my heart feels as if ready to burst for the suffering I endure.”

The Master pondered the distress of his novice with great compassion, then, after some moments, bade the novice to sit on the rock by the corner of the garden bed.

"What do you hear?’ enquired the master of the novice.

"Master, I hear the chirping of the birds as they take flight between the trees. I hear the buzzing of the bees as they seek joy from the flowers.”

"This is so,’ said the master, "and what do you now feel?’

"I feel momentarily at peace from the turmoil of my mind in its grief for the loss of my brother.’

"This peace, can you not experience it from this time here on?’ enquired the master.

"But master, my mind keeps returning to the things I wish I had said to my brother. To the many things we should have done as brothers, as well as the many times I was cruel and nasty to him.’

"My son, death is a mystery, but what I do know is that life ends naturally when we have learned everything we needed to learn in this lifetime. Do you not think, like you for him, your brother loves you unconditionally from his place now in heaven’s eternity and alongside God the Almighty?’

"Yes master, but I miss him so much and my suffering is great,’ exclaimed the novice.

"That you miss and grieve for your brother is a reflection of the great love you have for him, and undoubtedly always will. Yet, I say to you that, as with the birds and the bees in this flower garden, the love of heaven for its treasured beings does not diminish for those of us that remain earthly bound. Therefore, seek peace in the joy that is found in the essence of the flowers and the trees.

Know that your brother’s love for you remains total and unconditional and is yours to find in the silence of a quiet mind and loving heart. Let your love for him be a beacon for all the remaining days of your time here on earth, and from the grief that you feel, seek only that which is your highest purpose, with thoughts of peace and love for all others.’

Stephen Chong M.Ed.