The Swordmaster’s Disciple

As the diminutive disciple sat at the feet of his samurai sword master, he lamented, "Master, I will never be a great sword master like you! I am too small and all of your other disciples are much bigger and stronger than I.’

To which the grand sword master replied, "This is precisely why you will be the grandest of masters, for it is not the size of your muscles or the breadth of your shoulders that matters. Rather, it is the size of your heart and the ability to accept all of the gifts you have been given, that will make you such a grand master.’

When we truly embrace ourselves with loving acceptance, we can but marvel at the miracle of what it does to make our world unfold.

Stephen Chong M.Ed.

Excerpt from The Music of the Soul: A Pathway to a Rich and Fulfilling Life, 2011, p.34, Sid Harta Publishers Pty Ltd