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Inspirational Stories and Parables by Stephen Chong

Stories and parables have been used over the millenia to relay ideas from one generation to the next, to provide motivation and inspiration and to facilitate the evolution of our knowledge. But did you know that stories have various levels of meaning? Inherent within stories and parables are portals or doorways to greater understanding, of ourselves and of others.

The first level of understanding is literal – the most obvious. The second level is allegorical; being that the story illustrates or touches on some other meaning, not just its outward form. The third level is the deeper metaphysical level, the story may illustrate a universal law or principle. Fourthly, the story or parable is understood on a mystical level – that it touches the heart so deeply that your TRUTH within is deeply experienced.

Stephen is a skilled storyteller … stories that enable you to change your world view.
If you would like to:
  • Connect with your life-purpose. 
  • Be inspired and motivated. 
  • Make focused decisions. 
  • Set compelling personal and career goals. 
  • Overcome life’s challenges and obstacles.

Allow Stephen's stories work their magic for you, and let them inspire you to achieve greater things in your life.
Stephen's stories and parables

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"Master, over these past weeks I have been sorely distressed for the loss of my brother. As you know, he was killed in a tragic accident that none on this earth could have foreseen or prevented. Truly, I miss him so and my heart feels as if ready to burst for the suffering I endure..."

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"A bedraggled young urchin was found one morning knocking on the door of the monastery. The day was extremely cold, for the chill of the west wind carved a niche into everything it touched. The young urchin could not have been more than ten years old. His clothes were threadbare and torn and it looked as if he had not had ..."

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"Then the Grand Master said, ‘Come with me, I want to show you something.’ The master and the apprentice then walked a short distance to a wishing well in the centre of the village. As both the master and the apprentice peered into the well’s depths, the master said, ‘What do those coins at the bottom of the well represent?’"

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All of these stories, and more, can be found in my books:
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