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A Brother’s Love

It was a fine, sunny day and the master was enjoying the serenity of his walk amongst the garden of flowers and native bushes. As he gazed as he wandered, he noted that the variety of smells from the assorted flora were as an elixir for a tired soul, his appointed novice came up to him in supplication and distress.

The Boy and the Beggar-Man

Remember, the boy had a clubfoot. Now this young man, pleasant looking by the standards of the day, was gifted with a mind that was acute and particularly adept at music - playing piano to be precise. It was said that if his gift for music were to be properly applied he could become the ‘next great thing’ within the realms of popular music. It inspired feelings of awe in those who listened to it.

The Swordmaster’s Disciple

As the diminutive disciple sat at the feet of his samurai sword master, he lamented, ‘Master, I will never be a great sword master like you! I am too small and all of your other disciples are much bigger and stronger than I.’

The Trials of the Master

As the master was sitting in meditation, a young novice approached him to commence his daily meditation practice. Both master and novice settled into their respective sitting positions and after sharing the pleasantries of the day, admiring the caress of the late afternoon sun on their faces and the sweet breeze that ruffled the ends of their robes, they both began to meditate.

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