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Life Purpose Stories

The Mistress and the Novice

And the novice spoke to the mistress as she was sitting on her meditation mat in contemplation of the beautiful surroundings of the abbey.

‘Mistress, what is my purpose in life? I have heard you speak so much about our being purpose-driven to accomplish things in our life, yet when I try to grasp what it is that I myself am meant to be doing, I am unable to gain any such concept of purpose in my mind.’

The Grand Master and his Apprentice

‘Grand Master,’ came the entreaty from his young apprentice, ‘I have heard you speak much of ‘being grateful’, but for all of my want of trying, I cannot let go of my anger towards my mother who treated me so badly for so many years. As you know, she was abusive and unstable and made my youth an unpleasant journey of much unhappiness.”

The Master and the Bull

As the master sat atop the mountain, he was contemplating how wonderful and beautiful the world is when his thoughts were interrupted by the agonised cry of a bull in obvious distress. The master raised himself from his meditations and went forth to investigate whence this excruciating sound was coming. As he descended the pathway, he saw that a bull had become stuck in a mire of mud and was unable to move.

The Rich Man’s Mansion

Have you heard the story about the wealthy man who lived in a grand mansion with many beautiful rooms? This man, rich by many standards of the day, had built for himself and his family a mansion of the most sublime beauty. It contained many beautiful objets d’art and a vast garden of flowers and plants from all over the nation. The man himself, by any determination, was a good man.

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