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Breaking Free

It was the last day at the monastery for the many novices that had joined the abbey so many years before. As young children the novices had entered the walls of the sacred enclosure and now it was time for them to venture out into the wider world. Much had been the learning and many had been the trials for the young masters, but now they had to re-enter the world and experience life

The Samurai Novice

... and the young samurai novice was practising a particularly difficult martial arts sequence one day. The moves were all the more difficult because they involved twisting his body in such a way as to elicit the most amount of force from his torso. But alas, the young novice could not make his body perform what his mind told him it must undertake.

The Virtue of Virtues

A bedraggled young urchin was found one morning knocking on the door of the monastery. The day was extremely cold, for the chill of the west wind carved a niche into everything it touched. The young urchin could not have been more than ten years old. His clothes were threadbare and torn and it looked as if he had not had a square meal for nigh on many weeks. His matted hair, filthy visage and sunken cheeks made it even appear that he was not of sound mind.

The Yoga-Master’s Motivation

As the yoga-master was sitting in his temple in the lotus position, the young novice approached him with a troubled expression and a question on his mind.

"Master," said the novice, "how is it that you can sit in meditation for so long? When I do, my legs hurt, my back aches and my mind wanders to all of the things I must do. It takes all of my powers not to think of all the problems I have, and even then I can only manage a clear mind for fleeting moments."

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