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Stephen is a popular and sought-after speaker at seminars, conferences and team meetings. His inspirational messages have the ability to entertain as well as inspire and transform.

Here are six powerful and compelling reasons why our Stephen Chong’s presentations will add considerable value to you and your organisation:

  • They are proven, practical and they work. Stephen has numerous examples of successful outcomes, and the concepts are practical and proven in the workplace;
  • The presentations are motivational and inspiring;
  • His presentation style gives participants the best of both worlds. Participants are able to learn and develop both through interaction with his leading-edge concepts, but also through powerful group inter-activity and experiences;
  • Participants learn from someone who has built and operates a successful business;
  • Stephen’s personal business background and understanding of the corporate environment means that he speaks to all levels with great empathy, from the executive to the frontline worker; and
  • Because Stephen understands that success in ‘business’ and in ‘life’ go hand in hand, participants will flourish in both areas.
Why Stephen Chong?

Client Video Testimonials.
Robert Burhke.
AIC (Australian Institute for Commercialisation
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Burnt Toast Marketing
Tony Black.
Black & More
• Living on the Edge of your Comfort Zone
There is no doubt that we can sometimes ‘get stuck in a rut’. This occurs not only at a personal level, but most certainly also at the level of corporations. Then along comes a great challenge (e.g. GFC) that takes us right outside of our ‘comfort zone’. In this presentation, Stephen will show you how to meet these challenges and overcome the obstacles.

• The Value of Values
Our greatest source of inspiration and motivation comes from within. Our Values define who we are and how we behave … but do we know what they are? This presentation helps people understand and define their personal Values and work with them in synergy to the organisation’s described Values.

• The Power of Goal-setting
The journey out of our comfort zone begins through an understanding the power of goal-setting. We all know about goals, right? But do you know how to make them really work for you? Do you know the magic ingredients that will help make your goals a reality? … this presentation will show you how.

• Empowering the Possible
Empowerment is an often misunderstood term in the corporate environment. In this compelling presentation, Stephen outlines the six essential ingredients to creating an empowered workplace … watch the magic unfold when your staff members are empowered.

• Shifting the Mindset
Overcoming the challenges and obstacles that life presents can be an extraordinary task for many of us. Not only are many of these obstacles ‘external’, but many of them are also ‘internal’. This is a not-to-be missed workshop if you are seeking ideas to find the secrets to breaking through some of the old ways of thinking that hold you back from realising your fullest potential.

• Realising Your Extraordinary Possibilities
A wise Master once said, “You can’t fly whilst you are tethered to a rock”. This presentation will unveil the mystery that can hold us back from realising our greatest possibilities. Unleashing the great creativity within your own mind is a great start to realising your extraordinary possibilities … you can’t afford to miss this one.

• Communicating to the Max
Often wonder why your personal or workplace relationships are not at their highest level? Does the level of conflict you experience in your workplace team make you scratch your head in wonder? Learn how to achieve great satisfaction from excellent communication, both in your personal life and in your workplace … this presentation has the answers.
Stephen’s focus is on improving the essential skills, capacity, motivation and commitment required by executives and business managers and team leaders in the modern workplace. He has established a considerable reputation for designing and delivering presentations to the specific needs his clients and this is evident in the many workshops and seminars he conducts:
To lift your next conference or seminar to the highest level, contact Stephen on (0414 438 909) or via the Contact Page
Clients who have used Stephen Chongs Professional Development Services include:
Aero Enterprises Pty Ltd
Black & More
Bradken Engineering
Devenish Law
Host Services Pty Ltd
Innisfail Family Health
Lion Nathan
Reef Casino
Skill360 Australia
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